Your Menopause Rx: Plants!

Your liver is a built-in Hormone Regulation Unit.  It does the big job of filtering excess hormones out of your blood stream by sending them through the bile duct into your intestinal tract, ready to be swept out by FIBER. 

If you are eating a diet heavy with animal products (meat, dairy, eggs), there is no fiber for the excess hormones to latch onto, so they are reabsorbed from the gut back into your bloodstream, and back to your liver, over and over and over.  This process is called enterohepatic circulation and it is more estrogen activity than you need or want.

By contrast, a plant-based diet has fiber in every single bite, giving those excess hormones something to latch onto so that they can be swept out of your body through digestion, just as nature intended.  Your body is smart – you just have to give it the fuel it needs to run efficiently.

Stop recycling your excess hormones and put them out with the trash where they belong! 

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