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Eliminate Menopause Symptoms, Reclaim Your Energy and Drive, and Boost Immunity Without Hormones.

Vital Femme is committed to helping women THRIVE through middle age, harnessing the wisdom of our bodies and the power of good nutrition to live Life in Balance™.

Symptoms commonly associated with aging, like brain fog, fatigue, and weight gain do not have to define the most productive time of your life!

Each custom-formulated Vital Femme product addresses head-on some of the most critical nutritional deficiencies women face; taken together, these three powerhouses form the foundation for healthy aging and hormonal balance.*

Active Folate B12 supports energy production, immune function, and mood.

DHEA supports sluggish adrenals and lowers cortisol levels, benefiting blood sugar metabolism and weight management.

DIM + D3  supports hormonal balance, improved immune response,       cellular repair, and estrogen metabolism.

Thanks for sharing this! ...so many women don't know there's a solution with your products. I LOVE THEM. I feel so energized and balanced - let's just say the times I've forgotten to take them I felt the difference in my body...

Patricia, Boca Raton, FL

So I have been on the plan now for almost 1 month. Huge difference. It really works! Thank you.

Stacy, Largo, FL

Last Thursday morning I took my first dose of “Enhance”.  And then last night. I can definitely tell that I am more sensitive in my nether region 😂 and my mind is dancing playfully through the gutter from time to time 💃.

Jeanne, Seminole, FL

Took my supplements today and there is undoubtedly a HUGE difference in energy level. This stuff works!!!

Jeannie, FL

It's Your Time to THRIVE.



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Vital Femme products are manufactured 100% in the U.S. from responsibly-sourced ingredients that have passed the highest levels of quality control.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  Vital Femme products are intended for use as dietary supplements only.  As always, consult your physician or healthcare practitioner before taking this or any product.